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Insert boring description: I'm a thirty-something wife and mother who married the guy I met my first year of college. Hey, he asked me to go look at the stars our first date- How could I NOT fall for him? I'm a former high school teacher taking a break to raise my two young sons and hope that NCLB will have been repealed by the time I go back to my career :P I majored in English Literature and Art History so I'm impossible to watch films or go to the museum with.

I blog political stuff and I'm an unapologetic liberal. There's stuff here critical of Autism Speaks and I was diagnosed with autism back in high school, so I'm not the most socially adept person at all. I also have ADD so way too short attention span and good thing I read fast :P

I've been involved in various television and anime fandoms since college, when doing so meant posting on a list serv or attending conventions with packs of blank VHS tapes and a VCR. I've dabbled in fanfiction and fanart, especially slash in many fandoms using many usernames over the years, but I'm actually not very good at either and I have MUCH more fun viewing the amazing works other fans create.

I'm socially and politically liberal, ELCA Christian and I've lived in Texas my entire life. We do exist I swear...and I accept no responsibility for that damn Bush or Perry.

So the next time you see a harried middle aged southern woman in jeans and a ponytail herding kids through a store, just remember it could be me :P

I really don't get the whole Tumblr thing so I treat it like a shortened Livejournal really, since I've had one of those for the past decade or so.
Lesbian Brit Kidnapped to Be ‘Cured’ in Congo


At first, she and a friend escaped to the British Embassy in Kinshasa for legal advice and flight information.  But upon departing the embassy for unknown reasons, she and her friend was arrested. She is now back in the custody of her mother and is in “very real danger.”

Here is a link of her blog:

As well as tweet updates from the organization she works for:

The organization, Rainbow Noir is in the process of putting a press release to media outlets.  Please spread the word and pray this beautiful fellow QWOC is safe and back home. 

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[TW: severe abuse] Anita Posey was a dedicated caseworker for children at the Dept. of Social Services for 20 years. Her boyfriend was a drug addict and de aler, and an extremely violent man. She had black eyes, a fractured nose, broken tooth and lips, three cracked ribs, and other injuries over the years. She shot him in defense of her baby, after he had thrown the baby at the wall. The court wrongfully convicted and sentenced her, stating that she had time to think between the time her boyfriend threw the baby and th e time she picked up the gun “60 to 90 seconds” and unjustly called it premeditated.

The Michigan Women’s Justice & Clemency Project

because i’m just fucking sick and tired of everybody wanting to “talk” about and “complicate” yet another fucking murdering man’s life and history—I decided to highlight the women of Michigan who are currently in prison/serving life sentences for murdering abusive male partners and/or committing crimes under threat of abuse by male partners.

Anita Posey struck me as particularly important to highlight because her case points to exactly how fucked up the situation is for mothers in particular—do you know HOW many fucking women I’ve spotlighted/done stories on through the fucking YEARS who have been imprisoned for 20 yrs, some times life, because they *didn’t* “defend” their children? Do you know how many women are sitting in prison right now for the crime of being abused by their partner and not being able to stop their partner from abusing their children?

and yet, a woman kills the man who has beat her WHILE he’s hurting her children—and she STILL winds up in prison.

THESE WOMEN are the people who we DESPERATLY need to understand. along with the cultural mentality in the US that expects women to not only stop men from raping them and beating them, but also expects them to stop men from abusing the kids—while ALL OF SOCIETY STANDS BY AND WATCHES.

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The worst part of all of this is that this sonovabitch put her in a Catch-22.

So, she has two options:
1. Stop Him
2. Don’t Stop Him

He’s a violent abuser with a history of erratic and violent behaviour and a past history of getting physical. He’s in a murderous rage, as evidenced by the fact that he THREW AN INFANT AT A WALL.
If she attacks, and is rebuffed, he will—without doubt—kill her.
Ergo, she must succeed in incapacitating him on the first try, which she accomplished.

The reward? 20 years in prison.

Option one nets her a murder charge.

Option two, however, nets her a negligence and accessory to murder charge—-precisely because she failed to act and thus is deemed to be ‘complicit’.

No matter what action she took, she was fucked.

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reblogging again bc fuck every MRA and other assorted piece of shit who wants to talk about how the justice system is biased against MEN when it’s men running the show and always has been, and the outcome is a) men who think it’s acceptable to try to kill women and babies and b) men who want to punish women for that

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if she hadn’t intervened she would’ve been charged with Failure to Protect a child at LEAST and possibly manslaughter. The system is designed to punish victims

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Woman Working Four Part-Time Jobs Dies in Car While Trying to Nap



But the poor are poor because they want to be, right?

Four jobs. Let that sink in.

An American “success” story.

Fuck everything.

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Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.


"He has autism. I’m really surprised he was playing with you."

This happens sometimes at work, and I’m never sure how to react. A parent (or other adult) will come up to me after I’ve been playing with their child, and point out that the child’s current behavior is really…

When I was in college I babysat a boy with autism, and one of the things his parents encouraged was copying his “isms” to connect and play. So whatever repetitive behavior he was doing - lining up cars or stroking the couch rhythmically or rocking- you were supposed to sit near and copy. He always responded positively, when his parents or I did it. 

When we were alone, often I would break into my OWN stimming behavior, and he nearly always picked up what I was doing and copied it himself. That’s communication and connection, no eye contact necessary. Often he would laugh or make eye contact when we were in stimming harmony though, much more than normal.

His parents had all the Option Institute books and had spent weeks there training to work with him. I lost contact with them, but I found some of those same books in my local library and read them once I realized that my youngest was showing signs of autism (I was diagnosed with asperger’s years ago and we have other family members on the spectrum so it wasn’t that surprising.)

One thing that has struck me with my youngest son’s therapists was that, although some were respectful of his not wanting eye contact or stimming, most have not been. Multiple times I’ve had to ask therapist NOT to constantly tell him to look them in the eyes or still his hands. These aren’t Behavioral therapists either - we only do OT for his sensory issues and some speech therapy. 

So for a lot of these kids who deal with ABA and therapists trying to change behavior and parents who follow their leads? Maybe it is really that rare. And it is sad. 

I don’t agree with everything the Autism Therapy Center of America (the famous Son-rise program) advocates and I think they make way too much money off desperate parents, but their idea of connecting and being respectful of what they call “isms”? I think that is spot on and so much better that a lot of the therapy being forced on autistic children.

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