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Insert boring description: I'm a thirty-something wife and mother who married the guy I met my first year of college. Hey, he asked me to go look at the stars our first date- How could I NOT fall for him? I'm a former high school teacher taking a break to raise my two young sons and hope that NCLB will have been repealed by the time I go back to my career :P I majored in English Literature and Art History so I'm impossible to watch films or go to the museum with.

I blog political stuff and I'm an unapologetic liberal. There's stuff here critical of Autism Speaks and I was diagnosed with autism back in high school, so I'm not the most socially adept person at all. I also have ADD so way too short attention span and good thing I read fast :P

I've been involved in various television and anime fandoms since college, when doing so meant posting on a list serv or attending conventions with packs of blank VHS tapes and a VCR. I've dabbled in fanfiction and fanart, especially slash in many fandoms using many usernames over the years, but I'm actually not very good at either and I have MUCH more fun viewing the amazing works other fans create.

I'm socially and politically liberal, ELCA Christian and I've lived in Texas my entire life. We do exist I swear...and I accept no responsibility for that damn Bush or Perry.

So the next time you see a harried middle aged southern woman in jeans and a ponytail herding kids through a store, just remember it could be me :P

I really don't get the whole Tumblr thing so I treat it like a shortened Livejournal really, since I've had one of those for the past decade or so.

So today I had to stay home to take my youngest to the doctor, and he is doing much better so it has just been the nicest day.

Seriously, just being able to leave the house two hours later (I have an hour commute to my job), and take the kids to school myself rather than daycare, and having time to cook breakfast - then time to play with my preschooler one on one and getting the older from school myself?

It’s just so nice. I miss being a stay at home mom so much… I feel so much more functional this way.

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We were lied to. The women of my generation were told that we could ‘have it all’, as long as ‘it all’ was marriage, babies and a career in finance, a cupboard full of beautiful shoes and terminal exhaustion – and even that is only an option if we’re rich, white, straight and well behaved. These perfect lives would necessarily rely on an army of nannies and care-workers, and nobody has yet bothered to ask whether they can have it all.

We can have everything we want as long as what we want is a life spent searching for exhausting work that doesn’t pay enough, shopping for things we don’t need and sticking to a set of social and sexual rules that turn out, once you plough through the layers of trash and adverts, to be as rigid as ever.

As for young men, they were told they lived in a brave new world of economic and sexual opportunity, and if they felt angry or afraid, if they felt constrained or bewildered by contradictory expectations, by the pressure to act masculine, make money, demonstrate dominance and fuck a lot of pretty women while remaining a decent human being, then their distress was the fault of women and minorities. It was these grasping women, these homosexuals and people of colour who had taken away the power and satisfaction that was once their birthright as men. We were taught, all of us, that if we were dissatisfied, it was our fault, or the fault of those closest to us. We were built wrong, somehow. We had failed to adjust. If we showed any sort of distress, we probably needed to be medicated or incarcerated, depending on our social status. There are supposed to be no structural problems, just individual maladaption.

This reality is a bit harder to swallow: There are more white people in the US and Canada because the US and Canada were established using the systematic genocide of Native peoples, the theft of Native lands, and the labour of enslaved peoples in the past and immigrant peoples currently who were and are never meant to stay or survive.

And now you’re uncomfortable. Good.

When you accept and acknowledge that census figures reflect a long history of marginalization, it is preposterous to use these same figures as the benchmark to which you measure the inclusion of marginalized people.

There’s a great piece in the Toast about representation and diversity (‘Proportional Representation’ Has No Place In Diversity Discussions by Léonicka Valcius) today. (via whineandbeer)

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Hey everyone! 
We need your help again! Despite the fact that we ended up raising more money than we needed for the transportation of the Turkey Vulture last month, our funds are already dwindling. 

  Your donations have provided food, housing, and medicine for 15 babies in the last month! Unfortunately, we are quickly running out of formula - and the mix is rather expensive! :( 

We could also really do with a second squirrel cage, as some of the younger babies are becoming more active and are eager for more room to run and climb. 

If you were all willing to help us out again - even with a couple of bucks - we would be so grateful - and so would our animals! You can donate any amount on Paypal to Thanks! 

So I know this post hasn’t been up for even 24 hours yet, but we are only at 85 notes and we still haven’t received any donations :(
I really am concerned about what will happen to our animals when we run out of money. I think we have enough to get us through maybe a week or two, but after that I am not sure what we will do, which is pretty scary.
I think if we were able to raise about $400 that would be enough to get us the second squirrel cage, and see us through the rest of the season for food and medicine.
Please consider donating! We really need your help!

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No you’re right, abstinence-only is totally the best method of sex education. It’s not like there’s study after study showing that abstinence-only is actually less effective. That would be absurd to continue teaching it this way if it was proven inefficient, right? Right? Right!? 

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